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Grill N’ Gear Up for Hunting Season: Prime Steaks, Mexican Chorizo, and More!

You’ve got your game, you’ve got your retrieval dogs, your favorite brew, and your favorite squad, the only question left is, what are you eating after your hunt? Whether you started with bird season, or prepping for dear season, your trip needs an upgrade food-wise. Enjoy prime steaks, chorizo, and prime beef products on the grill and gear up with this packing list.

Don’t Forget for Your Essentials

While there are different hunting seasons year-round, there are standard items you need. Your valid hunting license, for one, plus:

  • Weapon and ammunition
  • Hunter’s safety certification
  • Proper Hunting clothes and snake boots
  • Binoculars, ear plugs, and shooting glasses
  • A cooler stacked with our prime beef products, and Mexican chorizo for dinner and the morning after, of course!


Your Packing List

In addition to bringing in necessary items for your hunting trip, there are some recommended items for each of the seasons. Find your official season opens with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Prep for these wild game trips:

Quail Open

Season begins October 29 – February 26. 

  • Field bag
  • Cooler for your quarry 
  • Flashlight, bug spray, and light-neutral tone clothing
  • Proper paperwork, food, and water for your hunting dogs. 


Turkey Open

General open begins November 5 – January 15

  • Rangefinder
  • Turkey decoys
  • State-approved bows and broadheads
  • Field bag, turkey calls, and quarry cooler
  • Flashlight, face mask, hand warmers, gloves, and clothing layers.


White-tailed Deer Open

General open begins November 5 – January 15

  • Layered camouflage
  • Binoculars and rangefinder
  • Field bag, game-coolers, and decoys
  • State-approved bows and broadheads
  • Ear plugs, shooting glasses, flashlight, face mask, hand warmers, gloves, and bug spray.


Choose Your Menu

Whether you are prepping your game, or bringing food, hunter’s love Chorizo De San Manuel for the savory variety it adds to every meal. Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can add our top-favorite proteins. 

Check out more about Chorizo De San Manuel products here!

Ditch the Breakfast Taco

Cook our top-grade meats for you and your crew, find the recipes you love, and use the best of the best. Try:


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