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What You Should Know
About Our Chorizo

Our Chorizo

Having created America’s best chorizo since 1975, we think it’s fair to say that we know everything there is to know about Mexican chorizo. It’s one of the most popular dishes in the Latin community because it can be served in many ways, each equally delicious.


What makes it so special is simple: we don’t cut corners. While many companies have changed ingredients to cut costs, we insist on using the same recipe as when we first began, even grinding our spices by hand to ensure we it is the perfect texture and consistency every single time. Each of our chorizo styles includes 100% natural ingredients.

Pork Chorizo

At Chorizo de San Manuel, we offer four styles of chorizo. Our Guerra’s Brand” pork chorizo is our most popular brand. Pork chorizo is used in a variety of dishes, but it is most common in a breakfast taco. If you’ve ever had a chorizo and egg taco, more than likely it was pork chorizo.


The great thing about it is that it can be mixed with other ingredients and served in different ways. Take a look at some of our recipes list for some great ideas how you can incorporate chorizo into your favorite dishes.

Other Delicious Varieties

In addition to pork, we offer three other styles:


All of our Mexican chorizo has a different style, texture, and flavor. Each chorizo is carefully prepared and packaged to preserve their bold flavors. When you remove them from their casing and start to cook them, not only will the delicious aroma fill the air in your kitchen, their amazing flavors will greatly enhance the dish you’ve made as well!

Nothing tastes better than the real thing, so buy chorizo online today or look for it at one of the many locations they’re sold! If you don’t see them in your grocery store, tell them you want Chorizo de San Manuel!

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