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4 Fun Facts About Chorizo

We’re about to dive into the sizzling world of chorizo! Beyond Mexican chorizo being the obvious choice for everyday meals, this flavorful sausage has a rich history and a global impact! From its vibrant origins to its worldwide journey, we’ve rounded up three fun facts about chorizo that will leave you hungry for more.

Chorizo is Enjoyed Worldwide

Other types of chorizo enjoyed worldwide include: 

  • Our classic Mexican Chorizo has been a traditional product for over 40 years and is sold in casing and mixed with a balance of savory spices.
  • Mexican chorizo verde is defined by its greenish color when raw since it is seasoned with green chiles, tomatillos, and sometimes cilantro. 
  • Portuguese chourico is similar to the Spanish-style chorizo but can include red wine and is typically smoked.
  • Chaurice is a Louisiana, creole, and Cajun cuisine type of sausage typically seasoned with red pepper flakes, cayenne, and other spices. This sausage is generally cooked in red beans, rice, gumbo, and jambalaya. 


There are at least 11 Varieties of Spanish Chorizo

The first chorizo was made in Spain, and typically, the Spanish chorizo was often made from cuts from pork. These cuts were known as:

  • Lomo chorizo (pulled from the loin)
  • Papada chorizo (pulled from the jowl)
  • Pancetta chorizo (pulled from the belly) 
  • Tocino chorizo (pulled from pork back fat) 
  • Spanish picadillo (known as soft chorizo)
  • Cabecero chorizo (from the neck to the fifth rib)
  • Chorizo semicurado (known as semi-cured) 
  • Chorizo curado (cured and served uncooked) 
  • Chorizo navarra (seasoned with pimento dulce and garlic)
  • Chorizo andaluz (seasoned with black pepper, pimenton, cloves, and dry white wine.)
  • Chorizo riojano (originated from Rioja, Spain, and is typically seasoned with garlic and sweet and spicy spices.)


You Can Enjoy Our Signature Mexican Chorizo Nationwide!

Our Mexican chorizo has an unforgettable flavor. In addition to our generational recipe, we have other flavors of chorizo that you can order online. Try:

  • Our savory beef chorizo
  • Our famous spicy pork chorizo
  • Our lean and juicy chicken chorizo
  • Our mouth-watering and well-balanced San Luis chorizo


You can use Chorizo in Every Meal

There are plenty of ways to cook your chorizo! Find even more recipes online!


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