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5 Quick Mexican Chorizo Recipes for Back to School!

Shopping for your family can get a little pricey and be overwhelming at times. This is why getting an early head start on your food supplies, such as our Mexican chorizo, could be a way to help you meal prep faster. 

Our Mexican chorizo, sausages, and prime beef products can make your meals easy to cook. Here are five recipes you can make using only the finest quality of products provided by Chorizo de San Manuel!  

5 Quick and Easy recipes

Try out these recipes with Chorizo De Manuel’s signature chorizo, sausage, and meat products! These recipes will surely have a grand impact on your family’s daily lifestyle and help put your mind at ease when preparing dinners and breakfast for the day. 

  • Cheesy Chorizo Lasagna – a show-stopping dinner that you and your family will love after a long day’s work.
  • Chorizo Breakfast Sandwiches – A delicious and easy recipe that can help start off your morning, with its savory and refreshing taste. 
  • Potatoes and Chorizo Tacos – A quick and filling meal that is scrumptious and delicious that can be made for breakfast or dinner!


Benefits of Mexican Chorizo & Products

Chorizo De San Manuel knows that as a consumer, you’d want more for your buck, and with Chorizo De Manuel you get:

  • Better online steak options
  • Affordable prime beef products
  • Access to top-quality meats during inflation


At Chorizo De San Manuel, time and money go hand in hand when it comes to shopping for you and your family. Why not try out some of their products today, and try out their recipes! You’ll see what makes Chorizo De San Manuel amazing as well as have some new recipes to share and love!

What Makes Our Mexican Chorizo Special?

What makes them special is we don’t cut corners. Chorizo De San Manuel has been making high-quality chorizo since 1975. Creating the most delectable meat products on the market, and providing a variety of Mexican chorizo. 

Our Mexican Chorizo:

  • Uses top quality ingredients.
  • Has perfect texture and consistency.
    Contains the highest levels of healthy and flavorful options.


Check out Our Prime Beef Products

At Chorizo De San Manuel, not only do they make chorizo, but also provide high-quality meat products that you and your family will enjoy this back-to-school season! Like their chorizo, all of their meat products are made with you in mind and offer a variety of products to choose from. These products include:


Check out their quality beef products today and get your meat at insatiably affordable prices. 

Discover More Mexican Chorizo Recipes

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