Best Meatball Recipes

Make the Best Meatball Recipes With Our Prime Beef Products

When it comes to making the best meatball recipes, there are a few tips and tricks to try out. But what are the best ways that make up a great meatball? The secret to a good meatball is the meat of course! Learn more about our prime beef products, and how to create the ultimate meatball with our ground beef from Chorizo de San Manuel! 

Best Recipe Meatballs

The perfect meatball starts with how you mix your meat. When making meatballs, remember:

  • Don’t overmix the meatball mixture
  • Wet your hands when rolling the meatballs to prevent sticking
  • Your hands are your best tools when it comes to meatball-making 


Don’t Overmix The Meatball Mixture

In order to make the best tender meatballs, you need to make sure that you don’t overmix your meatball mixture. If it is, you could run the risk of your meatballs losing their shape. When kneading your meatball mixture, be sure that all the ingredients are mixed well.

Your Hands Are Your Best Tools

When making your meatball mixture, using tools like food processors is not the way to go. Sure its easier and saves you some time, but if you want a more juicier and meatier meatball, you should stick with your hands! Your hands are the best tools when ti comes to making your meatballs. It will give your mixture a lighter touch when you gently mix them with your hands, and it will help you to not overmix it. 

Wet Your Hands When Rolling Meatballs

One of the first things you should do when even making your meatballs is to wet your hands when rolling your meatballs so it is easier to roll them. You should also keep a bowl of water near you when making your meatballs for more prompt and easy prep to quickly roll your meatballs onto your baking tray.

Best Meatball Recipes

Create your own flavor profile by mixing our ground beef with our savory Mexican chorizo, and try one of these yummy recipes.


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