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Order Steaks Online and Try These 5 Gift Boxes!

Affording gifts this upcoming holiday season may seem nearly impossible this upcoming holiday season. This year, get creative and order steaks online with one of our gift boxes. Instead of purchasing the usual presents, you can give the gift of a surprise top-quality box of crafted prime beef products.

Our Boxes Make the Perfect Gift

We understand that quality and flavor are essential when it comes to making our products. Not only do we provide a variety of Mexican chorizo, but our high-quality meat cuts, special seasonings, and flavorful sausages are all available in our gift boxes. Gift boxes make great gifts for the cook in your family, the master-griller, and people who want to learn about cooking steak. 

Order Steaks Online and Gift Boxes

You can buy our steak individually online, or get more for your buck with our gift boxes. Save yourself the hassle of going to the grocery store for the week and try these bountiful meat boxes that are sure to come in handy this holiday season!

Top-favorites include:

  • El Presidente Box with 5 prime meat cuts, 2 types of sausage, 1 pack of Mexican chorizo and our 2 signature seasonings. 
  • Caveman Box features our porterhouse, tomahawk, cowboy, KC strip, ribeye, and tenderloin steaks. PLUS one package of chorizo, cilantro, jalapeño and cheese sausage, and two bottles of Chorizo De San Manuel special seasonings.
  • El Rey box includes six types of meat cuts, two sausage flavors, one package of Mexican chorizo, and two bottles of our signature seasonings.
  • El Patron includes four ribeye, two center cut filets, both of our sausage flavors, one package of Mexican chorizo, and both of our signature seasonings. 
  • The Hunter’s Box has package includes four pounds of chicken fajitas, seasoned baby back ribs, four pork chops, one pack of sausage, and one bottle of our all-purpose seasoning. 

If you’re interested in saving money and getting more items for your grocery list, check out Chorizo De San Manuel gift boxes here!

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Order Steaks Online and Try These Recipes!

With all those meat and seasonings, it wouldn’t be so hard to come up with a menu for the week, moreover, here are just a few examples of recipes you can try using your meat packages at Chorizo De San Manuel:

Learn more about these delicious time-saving recipes here!

Check Out Our Other Prime Beef Products

We are so much more than a chorizo producer. We sell prime steaks, beef, and fajitas! Our fajitas are marinated and tender to cook, we offer beef per pound, and our steaks come in prime or choice, from 

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