Prime Steak Secrets

5 Prime Steak Secrets to Bring the Steakhouse Experience Home

Want to recreate restaurant-style prime steak secrets in the comfort of your own home? We got you covered! The trick to a fine-tasting steak is doable with the right technique and patience! Learn how to get the most tender, succulent, and flavorful steaks that hit just the right amount of steakhouse goodness!

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●     Cowboy Bone-In Ribeye

Tip 1 Prep Ahead

Prep work in the kitchen can take your prime steak to restaurant-level quality! Before cooking, try the following:

● Set your steaks out to room temperature before cooking.

● Choose between cooking with butter, neutral oil, or robust oil.

● Pat-dry your steak using salt, pepper, or our Steak Seasoning before cooking.

Tip 2 Preheat your Cast-iron Skillet

Use a cast iron skillet on your stovetop to cook your steak! But before you even begin the cooking process, it’s important to light up your stove top and allow the pan to preheat, creating a nice heated surface for your steak to cook evenly. Other alternatives to cast-iron cooking are:

● Oven

● Grilling

● Sous vide

● Frying pan

Tip 3 Seasoning Prime Steak

You can choose a savory flavor while your steaks are at room temperature. This can include:


When it comes to flavor, you can opt for smokiness, sweet, or spicy. You can always season them with the standard salt and pepper, but a seasoned dry rub or a marinade is always welcome!

Tip 4 Choose Your Base Flavor

Chefs can agree; butter is magic! Butter can absorb and retain moisture and crusts perfectly on seared steak. However, other alternatives (cold-pressed olive oil, such as extra virgin olive oil or cooking oil) exist. However, sticking with butter is best if you want that restaurant-quality flavor.

Tip 5 Cook Like a Pro

Do you prefer your steak medium rare or well done? Whichever team you support, knowing how to cook your steak is important. Use a cooking thermometer to reach these temperatures:

● Rare – 120 °F

● Medium – 140 °F

● Medium Rare – 130 °F

● Medium Well – 150 °F

● Well done – 160 °F

Find a Recipe!

Need a hand in finding the right recipe to cook your steakhouse steaks with? Say no more!

Here’s a recipe to follow to create the ideal and perfect steakhouse steak:

●     Filet A La Plancha

●     Ribeye Steak

●     Porterhouse Prime Rib Steak

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Prime Steak Secrets

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