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Order Mexican Chorizo & Try Our Take on Filet a La Plancha

What goes better with your favorite chorizo than with a steak and bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers? That combination of flavors doesn’t get any better than that! Order Mexican chorizo and check out this fantastic and delicious recipe that combines tradition and uniqueness to a new level! Try this recipe for your next dinner or family occasion!

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Preparation Time

15 mins

Cooking Time

10 mins






  • Cook your chorizo until the chorizo gets darker in color.
  • Prepare your jalapeños but cutting them open and removing the seeds.
  • Stuff the peppers with some cooked chorizo.
  • Get some cheese and put it on top of the chorizo pepper.
  • Wrap them around with some bacon, and use a took pick or skewer and insert on the sides to combine the peppers and prevent them from falling apart.
  • Grill up your steaks and prepared jalapeños. 
  • Cook until the bacon is fully cooked and the steak is at your desired temperature, flipping on both sides. 


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Check out more recipes on the Chorizo De San Manuel page here and order Mexican chorizo online! Show us some of your culinary favorites on our Instagram and Facebook! 

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