Platter with prime steaks and two bottles of signature Texas brand chorizo seasonings.

2 Texas Brand Chorizo Seasonings to Spice-Up Your Cooking

Cooking your meals for the new year should not be flavorless. Be sure to bring some spice back into your kitchen with our two Texas brand chorizo seasonings! We would like to share more about our two signature seasonings and recipes you may use with all of our Mexican chorizo products, the best sausage, beef fajitas, and prime steaks!

Canister of all-purpose seasoning for the best beef fajitas from Chorizo de san manual company.

Spice Up Each Dish with All-Purpose Seasoning

You can use our all-purpose seasoning to spice up chicken, the best beef fajitas, and our chorizo brands! Our all-purpose seasoning is made with garlic, onion, paprika, and other spices. You can use this seasoning with the following recipes:

Canister of steak seasoning for the best prime steaks from the Chorizo de San Manuel Company.

Use Steak Seasoning with Our Beef Fajitas and Prime Steaks

Our steak seasoning is bursting with flavor, perfect for all our signature prime steaks! Complete with salt, garlic, and onion, you can use it to spice up our best prime steaks, alongside the following recipes:

Order our Texas Brand Chorizo

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