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Prime Steaks 101: Learn About Our Porterhouse & NY Strip!

If you are a big prime steaks lover, you probably know how you like your meat cut and prepped. You even know what seasonings or lack of you enjoy. While some meat manufacturers offer prime beef products, they not be experts. Chorizo De San Manuel is, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years! Today we are comparing two of our favorites, the Porterhouse and the NY Strip. Choosing your cute depends on the texture and flavor you are looking for in your next meal.

They each have their place on the dinner table this holiday season. Order steaks online now and show off your culinary host skills.

Differences Between our Prime Beef Products

Every prime beef product cut is carefully portioned and butchered. Not only are they tender and savory on their own, but they both pair well with our signature seasonings!

Porterhouse Steaks

This cut has a texture comparable to a filet mignon type of meat than that of a NY strip. Even though they both are cut from the loin, compared to a New York Strip, it has:

  • A very filling steak.
  • A lean cut, just like the New York Strip.
  • A bolder flavor that deepens as you cook it.


NY Strip

The name comes from one of the major steakhouses in New York City. The cut is generally a short beef loin right behind the rib area. This type of cut has the following:

  • Tender and solid cut.
  • Has a robust flavor depending on how your cook it.
  • Has unique marbling that brings out the boldest flavors of the meat.


Cooking Your Prime Steaks

The porterhouse and the NY strip may be similar in cuts, but if you want to bring out the best of the meat, you can prepare these cuts in different ways to pull the best flavors out for a superb taste.

Porterhouse vs. NY Strip

If you want to use the whole cut, it’s essential to take note of its size and portion. Consider the following:

  • Porterhouse steaks are for sale, either USDA prime or choice, up to 42oz!
  • NY Strip steaks are for sale either USDA prime or choice and up to 20 oz!
  • Both cuts are from the tenderloin, the meat is leaner and has a deeper flavor.
  • Porterhouse steaks cook well pan-fried or broiled, while NY strips go well pan-fried or oven baked
  • For bolder flavors in the porterhouse, try not to marinate it, and instead use spices and herbs to season it
  • Both cuts are usually cooked rare to medium rare for a much richer flavor


Check out Chorizo De San Manuel’s signature seasonings here!

How to Cook Prime Beef Products

Whether on the grill, stovetop, or oven, keep an eye on your meats and cook them to the desired temperature. Cook steak based on your preference :

● Rare steak – cook for 6-10 mins

● Medium rare steak – cook for 8-13 mins

● Medium steak – cook for 9 – 14 mins

● Medium well steak – cook for 11-16 mins

● Well done steak – cook for 12 – 17 mins


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