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Prime Beef Products: If You Haven’t Tried Korean Style Short-Ribs You’re Missing Out

Uncover the delicious wonders of Korean-style short ribs and revolutionize your grilling game with our prime beef products. With their perfect balance of meaty richness and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, short ribs are the secret ingredient that sets Korean-style ribs apart. Dive into this guide to unlock the key to creating irresistibly delicious Korean-style ribs that will leave your friends begging for more.

All About the Beef Short Ribs!

What makes Korean barbeque ribs so unique? It’s the ribs themselves! Short ribs are thicker than regular beef ribs, cook evenly, and fall off the fork tender. Korean short ribs are also known as the flanken cut or Kalbi. These cuts are expected, so you can get them at your local grocery store.

The Perfect Marinade

The best way to make Korean ribs is by making the perfect marinade. Although Korean-style barbeque ribs typically have a sweet and savory marinade, the best way to replicate that flavor is by using these ingredients:

● Ginger

● Soy sauce

● Green onions

● Asian pears

● Mirin

● Brown sugar

● Garlic

● Salt

● Pepper

● Sesame oil

● Water

How to Grill Korean BBQ Ribs?

One of the best things about Korean-style ribs is that they don’t need a lot of prep work. Since the meat is already cut and prepared, you only need to prepare the marinade and then pop it on the grill. Follow these steps:

● Prep your ribs by trimming unwanted fat

● Marinate overnight for maximum flavor

● Setup your grill and use a charcoal grill for a better flavor

● Garnish your ribs with green onions

Avoid Overcooking

Food safety is essential when grilling; you want to ensure your meats and other food are at the perfect temperature before serving. A meat thermometer can help you determine whether your meats need more cooking time or need to be removed from the grill.

For rare, they should be at least 125 degrees °F, and well done should be at least 160 degrees °F.

Always Follow These Food Safety Guidelines

Avoid cross-contamination and follow these food safety guidelines:

● When cutting meats or vegetables, always use separate cutting boards for different food items such as vegetables and meats.

● Always separate the utensils that you use to touch raw meats and the cooked ones

● Always refrigerate meats while it’s marinating

● Never baste using the marinated liquid, and boil it down before using it on your meats to kill the remaining bacteria of uncooked meat

Pair Them with the Best Sausages

Indulge in a flavor party by pairing Korean short ribs with our scrumptious Stuffed Jalapeño & Cheese Sausage or flavorful Cilantro Sausage!

  • Grilled Skewers: Cut the sausages into bite-sized pieces and thread them onto skewers with colorful bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes. Grill until vegetables are charred and tender.
  • Sausage and Veggie Stir-Fry: Slice the sausages into rounds and stir-fry them in a hot skillet with broccoli, snap peas, carrots, and mushrooms. Add a soy sauce splash and sesame seeds sprinkle for an Asian-inspired twist.
  • Sausage and Potato Hash: Dice the sausages and sauté them with diced potatoes, onions, and bell peppers until golden for the ultimate comfort meal. You can also season with garlic!

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