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Choice vs. Prime Ribeye: 4 Ways to Cook the Perfect Ribeye

Whether you prefer a choice vs. prime ribeye, thanks to Chorizo De San Manuel, you can get a good deal for the upcoming holiday season. The key to cooking and preparing a perfect ribeye steak is actually quite simple, it depends on the technique you choose. The ribeye steak, also referred to as the delmonico, or a scotch fillet, typically:

  • Is a tender flavorful cut
  • Has a unique look and taste
  • Has a juicy and excellent texture


Here are some tips on how to cook your perfect ribeye steak for your next occasion! Order ribeye steaks online for the holiday season.

Choice vs. Prime Ribeye

Whether you choose choice vs. prime ribeye, there are a few key differences. For choice, there is less marbling, and for prime ribeye:

  • The marbling within the steak cooks and dispenses its flavor from within the meat.
  • The cut itself comes from the rib section of the cow from between the shoulder and loin. 
  • Being that it is the most tender part of the beef, butchers cut the section from the animal from the 6th to 12th ribs before cutting each of the ribs into individual cuts. 


Before Cooking a Ribeye

Although these are some of the most popular choices to cook your steak, whatever method you choose creates a different outcome in flavor. Before cooking your ribeye, it’s best to:

  • Marinade or season your steak generously 
  • Allow it to sit on your refrigerator for 45 minutes or longer to let the flavor settle in.
  • Prep veggies, such as onions to cook at the same time.



Grilling on a bbq pit is not just for looks! Grilling prime ribeye not only preserve the nutritional value of the steak, but also adds a distinctive flavor. Be sure to oil up your grill gates, add half an onion if you wish, and have salt and pepper on hand. 

Learn about the desired cooking temperatures to get the perfect well done, medium, and rare steak!

Stovetop Cooking

What is the big difference between grilling and cooking a steak stovetop? A pan-seared steak can give you a more uniform outer crust! Make sure to follow there few stovetop tips:

  • Use oil on your skillet to prevent your steaks from sticking
  • Add some butter in addition to oil to give the steak a different flavor
  • Spoon some butter from time to time to keep the steak moist and prevent the steak from over-drying.



After using either of our signature seasonings, sear your steak on the stovetop in a skillet for about 2 – 3 minutes browning each of sides. Then we recommend placing the skillet in the oven and cooking until you reach your desired temperature.

Buy Steaks Online 

Along with our ribeye steaks, Chorizo De San Manuel has high-quality meat cuts. Whether you decided on choice vs. prime, we have a cut for you. All of our products are offered at reasonable prices, and size varies on meat cut itself. Try grilling any of the following for a special occasion:


Order Prime Steaks Online 

Have you decided on prime vs. ribeye steaks? Order our prime beef products online and you don’t have to choose. Don’t forget to grab a pack of your favorite Mexican chorizo, Chorizo San Manuel style! Contact us if you have any questions regarding shipping.

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