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Enjoy the Best Prime Steaks: Cooking a Prime New York Strip

There are many ways to cook our Chorizo De San Manuel NY Strip Steak for your friends and family! While many people argue they know the best way to cook up a NY Strip Steak, we present several tips from Michelin star chefs that will take your cooking skills to the next level!

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Characteristics of a Prime New York Strip

A few characteristics to keep in mind about a NY Strip Steak:

  • It is a cut from the short loin
  • The cut is located behind the ribs
  • The NY Strip Steak has a high amount of fat marbling


Try Bobby Flay’s Tips

According to Food Network star Bobby Flay, a NY Strip Steak is perfectly paired with a horseradish mint glaze. Try Flay’s top prime NY Strip steak tips:

  • Sear steak on a blazing hot pan with canola oil.
  • Season with ground black pepper, ancho chile powder, and salt.
  • Brush your steak right after with a glaze made from horseradish, honey, dijon mustard, and fresh mint

Try his tips with this recipe!

Eat Like Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey uses his signature steak seasoning alongside a flavorful BBQ sauce and cognac to flambés the steak! Try these master-cook tips. Here are a few ways Ramsey prefers to cook his prime NY Strip steak:


Try Our NY Strip Steak

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