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3 Killer Methods to Searing our Prime Steaks

There are several ways to cook prime steaks, but one way to make a good steak is by using reverse searing. Although the reverse searing method sounds technical, it simply creates a perfectly cooked steak. Check out these searing techniques and learn to cook your prime steaks like a pro!

Reverse Sear on the Oven

  • Preheat the oven to 260 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Place the grill rack on top of the baking sheet
  • Put seasoned steaks on grill rack and place in oven
  • Cook in the oven until internal steak temperature reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit, typically within 40 – 45 minutes
  • Remove steaks and let sit for 5 – 10 minutes
  • Preheat skilled to make the temperature
  • Sear each side of the steak for one minute


prime steaks ready for grilling.

Reverse Sear on the Grill

  • Set the hot coals to one side of the grill
  • Place your seasoned steak on the empty section of the grill
  • Allow the steak to cook to 120 degrees Fahrenheit away for “medium rare.”
  • Adjust accordingly to have the steak reach an internal temperature that is about 10 degrees short of your desired doneness
  • Sear the prime steaks for one minute on each side directly over the grill with the coal.
  • Remove the steak from the grill after checking that the final internal temperature is correct, and then leave the steak to rest for 5-10 minutes


Reverse Sear on the Charcoal Grill

  • Light charcoals and move to one side of the grill when hot
  • Place seasoned prime steaks on the opposite sides of the charcoals
  • Grill steaks until internal temperature reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Move steaks right on top of the hot coals
  • Sear the steak for one minute on each side
  • Let steaks sit for 5-10 minutes and enjoy


Searing a Tomahawk Steak

When reverse searing a tomahawk steak, consider cooking it until it reaches an internal temperature between 110 – 115 degrees or until the sear reaches 135 degrees. Once your steak reaches medium done, you should be ready to plate.

Searing a Porterhouse Steak

Using the reverse searing technique for this steak, start at a low temperature when cooking a porterhouse in the oven. Depending on the thickness of the steak itself, it generally takes around 30-60 minutes in the oven.

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