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Prime Steaks 101: Learn About Our Centercut Tenderloin and Ribeye Steaks

Want to impress your guests with your knowledge on steaks? Chorizo de San Manuel wants to educate you on our prime steaks, and the main differences between different cuts. Today we’re discussing tenderloin versus ribeye prime steaks. What part of the animal are they from? What it makes it different 

The Difference Between Prime Steaks and Choice

The United States Department of Agriculture uses beef grades to determine whether beef is safe and high quality. Our steaks come from prime and choice beef. 

Prime steaks are produced from young cattle and include abundant amounts of marbling. Choice steaks come from high-quality beef and have less marbling than prime steaks. Prime steaks are perfect for broiling, roasting, or grilling, whereas choice steaks are suitable for dry-heat cooking. 

Learn About the Centercut Tenderloin Steak

Our centercut tenderloin steaks come from the cow’s loin, hence its name. The tenderloin is the lean muscle at the rear of the spine near the cow’s hip bone and thirteenth rib. Our tenderloin Prime steak’s characteristics include:

  • It has a subtle flavor.
  • It has a melt-in-your-mouth texture.
  • It is the most tender cut of beef despite its lack of marbling.
  • It is usually evenly and compact-sized due to its consistent diameter. 


Two local seasoning bottles next to a prime steak.

Learn About the Ribeye Steak

The ribeye steak comes from the cow’s ribs, right between the loin and the shoulder within the sixth and twelfth ribs. Its characteristics include:

  • It has a tender texture.
  • It has a rich buttery flavor.
  • It has a high amount of marbling, which is why it packs the most flavor out of the entire steak family. 


Try Prime Steaks with Our Seasonings

Add some flavor to your steaks! We recommend using all-purpose seasoning and steak seasoning to bring out your steak’s flavors. 

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