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Order Steaks Online and Practice These 6 Grilling Basics

The trick to cooking the best steak varies depending on your preferred choice of prime steak doneness, your cooking method, and your cookware. Although the more common preference is medium-well, well-done, or rare steak, there are additional preferences. Order steaks online and practice noticing steak doneness levels with top-quality meats.

How to Temp Your Choice or Prime Steaks

The best way to check the temperature of your choice or prime steaks is by using a meat thermometer that is calibrated correctly. Do these three steps to get the best reading:

  • Find the thickest part of the steak and insert the thermometer.
  • Insert the thermometer at an angle. This will ensure the temperature is accurate and cooked while you insert it further into the meat.
  • The set temperature is determined once the number on the thermometer stops moving, and choosing the right, the accurate cooking temperature depends on the steak and thickness of the steak.


Blue Steak

We promise this doesn’t refer to the steak being blue, this doneness level is typical in French cuisine, and although ordered by only a select few, the technique makes for a savory experience. Your choice of prime steak is typically caused by a nice sear from the sides, but it is still rare inside. The center should be purplish-red with a temperature of around 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

prime steak


You have probably heard of this one before. Rare steak has a slightly cooked center, deep red and juicy inside. The cooking method for this type of steak doesn’t need to be cooked for long and has a set temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium Rare

Medium rare is one of the most common cooking methods for a steak and is very popular regarding the type of steak you choose. We love a good ribeye and New York strip! A medium rare steak has a warm and red center, with the other edges of the center colored from a fade to dark pink, with a temperature of 124 degrees Fahrenheit.


A medium steak is one of the steaks with no red center but a slight pinkish and warm center. The doneness is typically preferred by those who prefer cooked steaks but desire that tender juiciness. Medium temperatures are generally 135 degrees Fahrenheit.


Medium-well steak is somewhat undercooked and will not have a pink center. The main difference between this particular steak is the cooking temperature and how to serve it. An example is, removing from the heat at around 145 degrees Fahrenheit but also having an overall temperature of 155 degrees.

Order prime steak online

Well Done

There is room in the world for well-done steaks, as this method allows for no pink center, and the meat is cooked thoroughly. The set and desired temperature would be 155 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve a well-done steak. Try these grilling tips for a nice well-done steak. 

“Order steaks online and practice these six ways to reach steak doneness; blue rare, rare, medium rare, medium, medium-well, and well done.”

Order Steaks Online and Practice

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