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Prime Steaks, Fire, and Charm: Impress with Home-Grilled Flair

If you’re looking for great ways to sharpen your cooking skills, check out these ways to cook your prime steaks just in time for the holidays! Create the ultimate steakhouse experience all in the comfort of your home, and here’s how you can do it!

SteakHouse Steaks

If you want to create the best melt-in-your-mouth experience, there are a few ways to go about it. Whether it’s a prime steak or ribeye, you can quickly turn any cut into grilled perfection! One of the best and simplest tricks to making your steakhouse steak is basting—we go into more depth below. It simply uses butter or margarine to create a finish for your steaks, and it is constantly poured over as it sears.

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Steak Cuts

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How To Cook Your Prime Steaks

Turning your steak into a steakhouse-style steak can be a little menacing if you don’t know where to start. Luckily, here are a few steps to follow when creating that steakhouse flavor you know and love! The procedures for making your steakhouse steaks are as follows:

● Set your steak to room temperature

● Pat dry with a paper towel or napkin

● Preheat your pan or iron skillet

● Drizzle your pan with oil or butter

● Season your steaks with salt and pepper before you place your steaks in the pan

● Sear your steaks once or twice on both sides and cook until the desired doneness

It’s All in The Oils

Most oils can withstand high temperatures and are commonly used to cook steaks. Using oil can give your steak that crispy and delicious golden crust on the outside of your steak, giving it a genuine finish. Some oils that pair well:

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Herb-marinated cooking oil



If you don’t have oil to create that crisp finish, you can also use butter and the method that’s called basting to help give your steaks the finishing touch. Basting is pouring juices or melted fat over your steaks or meats during the cooking process; this gives your steaks a juicier and shiny finish. Try:

● Use real butter to add richness to your steaks.

● Save your butter near the end of the cooking time to prevent the butter from burning.

● Burnt butter gives a nutty richness sauce that elevates your prime steak game.

● Frying garlic cloves and herbs in your butter will release flavors to enhance your steaks.

● Baste your steaks, tilt the pan toward you, and use a spoon to pool the butter over the steaks.

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Order Steaks Online and Try Something New

Nailing those steakhouse-level steaks at home is about paying attention to the little things and using top-notch ingredients. Impress the overnight guests and the family, and you’ll turn your home into a steak haven that rivals the best in town!

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