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10 Best Prime Steaks Grilling Hacks to Use During the Showdown

Anyone can be a great grill master once you’ve got the basics down! Whether using charcoal or propane, you’ll have wonderful-tasting prime steaks for the big game with these ten tips.

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Start with a Clean Grill

Using a dirty grill will hinder the steaks from getting the best flavors on your grill. Using a clean grill will also prevent your foods from sticking; therefore, before using a grill, it’s best to give it a good clean before turning it on.

Oil the Grill Grates

Cleaning your grill helps eliminate harmful bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminants that may accumulate on the surfaces. High temperatures during cooking may not be sufficient to kill all the bacteria present on a dirty grill. Using oil on a paper towel to oil up your grates is one way you can do so. This will ensure that your meats will be cooked and receive the grill marks we all know and love!

Always Make Sure Your Grill is Hot

Adding your food or your meats to a hot grill will give it a beautiful sear on the outside and keep the meats perfectly juicy in the center. This will help prevent the steaks from sticking onto the grill. Adding meats to a hot grill will initially kill all the lingering bacteria on the meats and create a delectable meal for you and your family. Depending on the temperature, your grill should be heated and ready within 10-15 minutes.

Don’t Move the Food Around

Usually, you only need to flip your meats occasionally, once or twice during the cooking process. Moving your food more than necessary will cause your meats to be unevenly cooked and can add to your initial cooking time. If you need more cooking time, use foil to encase your meats and keep it on the grill longer to avoid moving the meats around.

Use an Instant-Read Meat Thermometer

Food safety is essential when grilling; you want to ensure your meats and other food are at the perfect temperature before serving. Using a meat thermometer, you can check whether your meats need more cooking time or to be taken off the grill.

Make sure your classic go-to cuts meet these internal temperatures:

  • Pork – 145 °F
  • Chicken – 165 °F
  • Rare steaks – 125 °F
  • Well done steaks – 165 °F
  • Ground beef burgers – 160 °F

Always Let the Meat Rest After Removing It From the Grill.

Depending on the meats or steaks, it’s best to let them rest once they come off the grill. Let your meats rest for about 5 – 15 minutes. Letting the prime steaks allow the juices to distribute while letting the meat tenderize for a while longer.

Always Follow These Food Safety Guidelines

Avoid cross-contamination and follow these food safety guidelines:

  • When cutting meats or vegetables, always use separate cutting boards so as not to cross-contaminate.
  • Always separate the utensils that you use to touch raw meats and the cooked ones.
  • Always refrigerate meats while marinating, or purchase pre-marinated fajitas.
  • Never baste using the marinated liquid, and boil it down before using it on your meats to kill the remaining bacteria of uncooked meat

Use a Grill Basket

Use a grill basket for food that might fall between the grates and avoid flare-ups. This is an excellent option for those who love to grill vegetables without worrying about the food falling into the grill too often.

Direct Flame Vs. Indirect Flame

An example of direct and indirect cooking is analyzing the heat of your grill. Your grill will have a much hotter side on one, and the other side will be warmer than the opposite side. Using this will help you understand what needs more heat, direct heat, and what needs to be simmered, indirect heat. Usually, thicker meats are used on direct heat, and more minor cuts are used on indirect heat.

Add Sauce to Meat at the End of the Grilling Process

If you are looking forward to using sauces for your meats, it’s best to do so within the last five minutes of cooking. Adding a glaze or sauce too early will cause your meats to burn quickly and make them stick to the grates.

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