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Prime Steaks Myths vs Facts: Debunking Common Misconceptions About Beef Quality

There are some misunderstandings about what makes prime steaks high quality, so let’s clear things up. People often debate if marbling, grass-fed cows, or the age of the beef are the main factors. While all these can matter, the key factor in prime beef is the amount of marbling in the meat. Marbling is important, but it’s not the only thing that makes beef high quality.

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There are No Real Grades for Meat

USDA has a unique certification system that best determines the different grades of beef. Although each is distinguished through a series of qualifications, a few grades are classified when beef is passed through proper inspection and quality. These types of grades are:

●      Prime Grade, one of the highest quality beef grades, has a significant degree of marbling

●      Choice Grade, similar to prime but has a moderate amount of marbling

●      Select Grade is a lean but slight degree of marbling

“Prime Beef Products Don’t Taste Any Different”

Prime is a grade given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to distinguish the type of beef. Prime grade is one of the best grades and is the most flavorful and tender out of the other grades. This type of grade is given to products such as beef and is determined by the amount of marbling and maturity of beef.

“Marbling is not that Important”

The more marbling a meat has, the tastier it becomes when cooked or prepared into a meal! Due to this element, marbling is a degree to which many USDA values. Marbling is just one of the main factors in grading prime beef and other grades. Marbling is the white specks and streaks inside of the meat, different from the other noticeable parts of the meat, such as the fat, located outside the steaks. Although marbling may look like fat, it is very different from fat, thus giving the Prime beef its grade.

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