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4 Signs You Know Your Prime Steak Products are Done

There is nothing more satisfying than having a well-prepared steak cooked to the perfect doneness. Although eating your steak cooked to perfection is satisfying, cooking them yourself can also be just as great. Spot these four telling signs you know your food is done cooking. 

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Cooking a steak to the perfect doneness can be satisfying but it isn’t all that easy to achieve at most times. There are a few ways to tell when your steaks are done to the desired and appropriate doneness. The signs to take note of when cooking your steak to certain doneness is by : 


Every type of steak doneness reaches a certain level of temperature to achieve its desired doneness. One of the methods to check your steak is by using a thermometer and monitoring your steaks as they cook.  

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Another benefactor to determining your steak’s doneness is the color of the steak. Each steak doneness has a certain color that is attained after cooking. 


Cooking your steak to a desired temperature does take its time, this is why keeping track of the cooking times is important when cooking your steaks. Each desired doneness requires certain times to keep the temperature stable in order to achieve your doneness.


Another method to keep in mind is by touch. Each steak doneness has a certain feel to it as well as a certain firmness once finished cooking. It also comes in handy when you don’t have a thermometer in hand, so studying the different levels of firmness in each type of steak can be your next best thing when cooking your steaks. 

Steak Temperatures

A steak or any type of meat dish requires lots of attention in order to receive the best taste and presentation. Certain doneness can affect the steak’s flavor, texture, and juiciness depending on how long you cook it. Although some people prefer different types of doneness, you don’t want to serve everyone the same kind of steak. Learning how to cook your steak to a desired doneness isn’t all that complicated once you understand the appropriate temperatures for your steaks. Soon enough you’ll be able to cook your steaks like a pro by using these temperatures: 

  • Rare (120 – 129 F) has red center, with a soft and tender texture.
  • Medium Rare (130 – 134 F) with a warm red center and slightly firm to the touch and have juices showing.
  • Medium (135 – 144 F) has a pink center, is firm to the touch, and has red juices. 
  • Medium (Well 145 – 154 F) Medium well steaks will mostly have a brown center and a faint pink color in the center. 
  • Well Done (155 – 164 F) with no pink, is hard and firm to the touch with no juices flowing.


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