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Prime Beef Products: Aging Steaks at Home for Enhanced Flavor

Discover how DIY dry aging can elevate your favorite steaks’ flavor and tenderness, transforming your dining experience. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, explore with us as we unlock the full potential of your kitchen through simple techniques using our prime beef products, like a pro!

What is Dry Aging?

Essentially, dry aging is a process of drying meats through an extensive period. Although dry aging isn’t for everyone, there are a few benefits to perfecting the dry aging technique. Dry aging allows the meats to:

  • Reduce moisture 
  • Create a cultivation of good bacteria
  • Create a nutty profile within the meat adding to the taste


What Kind of Steaks Can You Dry Age?

If you want to learn how to dry age your steaks like a pro, then consider what types of steaks to use for the dry aging technique. Therefore, here are a few tips and tricks on what steaks to use in order to create the perfect dry aging experience. Consider using meats such as:


How Long Should You Age Meat For?

The longer you dry age your meats the more tender and intense the flavor will be. Although, technically, the longest time to dry age your meats is about 28 – 30 days, this allows the meat to get more tender as it needs to be in order to create a more flavorful taste. However, if you want your meats to have more of an aged and signature dry flavor, then it is recommended to let your meats dry for around 60 – 80 days.

How to Start Your Dry Aging Process

To kickstart your dry aging process, begin by selecting high-quality cuts of beef with generous marbling. Wrap the beef in cheesecloth and place it on a wire rack in the fridge, allowing air to circulate around the meat for optimal aging. With these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying perfectly aged steaks in the comfort of your own home.

The Fridge

Ensure your refrigerator is properly calibrated to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels. Creating a microclimate for your meats to get a unique dry-aging flavor will be  achieved when you: 

  • Do not store overflow items in your dry aging fridge
  • Dedicate a fridge specifically for dry aging
  • Keep your fridge temperature between 40 F and 29 F


The Airflow

Airflow is crucial in DIY dry aging as it facilitates the removal of moisture from the surface of the meat, resulting in a more concentrated flavor and improved texture. Proper airflow helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria while allowing beneficial enzymes to work their magic, enhancing the aging process. By ensuring adequate airflow around the meat, you can achieve consistent and desirable results.

The Humidity

Humidity plays a vital role in DIY dry aging by helping to regulate moisture loss from the meat while preventing excessive drying. By controlling humidity you can control the quality and taste of your meats. The recommended humidity level for dry aging is 75% to 85%.

It is important to keep the same level of humidity in order to attain the perfect dry aging process. Too much humidity can lead to: 

  • Spoilage
  • Bacteria growth 
  • Nasty odors
  • Spoiled flavor


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