Pairing a Red Wine with the Best Steaks

Our Best Steaks and Red Wine – 3 Tips to Pairing Them

From tender filet mignons to juicy ribeye steaks, each cut of meat deserves a wine that brings out the best flavor in your dish. If you aren’t sure which wine pairs best with the best steaks, then Chorizo de San Manuel would like to offer a few suggestions!

Why Are They Paired Together?

Many wine enthusiasts follow the rule that red wine goes with red meat and white wine goes with white meat. The reason red wine is so popular with steaks is because of the tannins in the wine. Tannins are a compound that comes from grapes and the wooden barrels used during the aging process. They add texture, flavor, structure, smoothness, and even bitterness. When tannins are consumed, the protein from human saliva causes the mouth to feel dry. This allows one to savor and relish the meat, which is why red wine is generally paired with steak.

3 Tips to Pair With the Best Steaks

Here’s what you should know about red wines:

  • A light red wine is best with lean cuts like center-cut sirloins. Examples include pinot noir, Gamay, and St. Laurent.
  • A medium-bodied red wine like merlot or dolcetto with refined tannins goes great with porterhouse steaks.   
  • A full-bodied red wine will feel heavier on the tongue, so pairing it with a cut of beef with a higher fat content is ideal. A NY Strip or ribeye with Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinotage is great.

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