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Order Steaks Online: 10 Sauces You Have to Try on our Prime Steaks

Join us on a culinary adventure as we uncover the art of saucing Chorizo De San Manuel’s prime steaks. From classic favorites to bold innovations, we’ll guide you through a flavorful exploration designed to elevate every bite. Get ready to discover the perfect accompaniments that will transform your steak dinners into unforgettable dining experiences. Order steaks online today.

Why Add a Sauce to our Prime Steaks?

Creating a perfect sauce for your dish requires simple and easy ingredients, time, and technique. Adding a sauce to your steaks or meats can :

● Create rich flavors

● Simple flavors

● Robust flavors

Peppercorn Sauce

This thick and creamy sauce can help give you a southern taste. All you’ll need is:

● Double cream

● Chicken stock

● Red wine vinegar

● Green peppercorns


Chimichurri is a sauce similar to salsa verde but mixed with a kick. This type of sauce is well-suited for decadent steaks with extensive flavor profiles. The ingredients needed to make this type of sauce are:

● Olive oil

● Parsley

● Coriander

● Green chilli

● Sweet onion

● Garlic cloves

● White wine vinegar

Bearnaise Sauce

This sauce is creamy but has a distinct flavor. You can best use this sauce for barbeques and prime steaks that are mildly seasoned. Get crafty in the kitchen and mix up:

● Butter

● Egg yolks

● Cayenne

● Tarragon vinegar

● Fresh tarragon stalks and leaves

Black Bean & Sesame Sauce

This sauce has a great umami flavor with a deep, savory Asian style mixed into the flavor. This thick sauce is made with black beans, creating a deep, thick flavor best suited for barbeque and most steaks. The ingredients for this particular sauce are:

● Honey

● Water

● Red chili

● Soy sauce

● Grated ginger

● Tahini paste

● Black beans

● Dark brown sugar

● Apple cider vinegar

● Chinese five-spice

Italian Salsa Verde

You can skip the cooking and make this sauce fresh and flavorful with herbs and vinegar. You can use this sauce for steaks and thick meats to add a refreshing flavor profile to your dish! The ingredients for this sauce are:

● Parsley

● Sea salt

● Tarragon

● Small capers

● Dijon mustard

● Sherry vinegar

● Extra virgin olive oil

● Crushed garlic cloves

Quick Red Wine Sauce

This type of sauce is usually paired with fine steak cuts, adding a deep flavor from wines and vinegar to elevate the flavors in your steak. You can make this bistro favorite with a fine wine and rich jus. Mix:

● Red wine

● Beef stock

● Dark brown sugar

● Balsamic vinegar

Teriyaki Sauce 

This type of sauce is best known for many Asian cuisine dishes and is best paired with barbeque or smoked meats. This Japanese type sauce combines sweet and savory, creating a blend of flavors. The ingredients for this type of sauce are:

● Water

● Corn flour

● Light soy sauce

● Light brown sugar

● Rice wine vinegar

● Finely grated ginger

● Crushed garlic clove

Super Swift Mustard Sauce

It is a simple and easy sauce made with only two ingredients. You can serve it with grilled or smoked steaks. Whisked Dijon mustard and creme fraiche are the ingredients for this sauce.

Bleu Cheese Sauce

The bleu cheese sauce is a fan-favorite and is often paired with steaks. This sauce is perfect for your steaks and barbeque, adding a tremendous southern flavor to your dish! The ingredients for this sauce are:

● Butter

● Flour

● Milk

● Chopped bleu cheese

Mushroom Sauce 

You can always go right with a mushroom sauce, which is perfect for grilled steaks and thick meats. This creamy and refined sauce adds a more meaty flavor to your steaks, making it an ideal combo for your meal! The ingredients of this type of sauce are:

● Olive oil

● Brandy

● Garlic clove

● Double cream

● Wholegrain mustard

● Sliced chestnut mushrooms

Try Our Prime Steaks

Indulge in the exquisite cuts of prime steak from Chorizo De San Manuel. Each bite is a symphony of flavor, meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.




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Order Steaks Online 

Try something new! Find a new recipe and order steaks online! Cooking your favorite meat dishes is rewarding, but what if you could add more flavor to your meats? Consider adding these sauces that best balance your meats, adding color and flavor to your meals!

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