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Order Steaks Online: Try a New BBQ Style With our Prime Steaks

Although there are different styles of BBQ methods, every single one differs and gives off a distinct taste and flavor! Order steaks online and start your barbeque journey by roasting or smoking your favorite prime beef products, prime steaks, pork, and more, using wood or charcoal. Here are a few styles to pick up if you’re interested in learning more about the art of barbecuing!

4 Popular Types of BBQ?

Within the American traditions of barbecue, there are essentially 4 types of barbeque styles. Each style is defined by technique and flavors within the regions. The 4 types of barbeque styles are:

  • Kansas-style BBQ
  • Memphis style BBQ
  • Carolina style BBQ
  • Texas style BBQ


Kansas Style BBQ

Kansas-style barbeque is a mixture of slow-smoked meats that are rubbed down with sweet seasonings and coated with a thick sugary sauce. Brown sugar is generally the main ingredient when it comes to preparing Kansas-style barbeque. Some meats associated with Kansas-style barbecue are:


Memphis Style BBQ

In Memphis Tennessee, this type of barbeque style has a unique way of introducing two local favorites into one cooking method. The idea of getting a Memphis-style barbecue is by cooking slow-smoked meats. In Memphis, however, it’s tradition to make pulled pork barbecue or pork ribs that are served wet or dry. 

Carolina Style BBQ

This type of barbecue style is more of a slow-roasting barbecue session. When it comes to creating the perfect roasted pork, Carolina has a unique process that always ensures the tender and firm portions are served with a variety of regional sauces that include vinegar-based sauces, such as Mop sauce which is:

  • More sweet
  • Less spicy
  • Thin in texture
  • Applied liberally throughout cook time


Carolina BBQ usually cooks roasted pork, which is served whole or uses sections of the stomach, neck, and shoulders.

Texas Style BBQ

Texas-style barbeque brings all of your local meats along with other barbeque favorites. This style of barbecue is generally smoked or mesquite smoked, providing a smokey and melt-in-your-mouth finish! The best meats you can use for taste and texture are: 


Other Types of BBQ Styles

While Kansas, Memphis, Carolina, and Texas are among the top favorites within the region, there are other styles. The majority of these styles require smoking meats, however, each of these uses different sauces and is best served with potential sides that help complement their meats. Some honorable mentions of these other styles of barbeque are as follows:

  • Alabama style BBQ
  • St Louis-style BBQ
  • Kentucky style BBQ
  • Santa Maria-style BBQ


Order Prime Beef Products

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Order Steaks Online

There are plenty of ways to master the art of barbecuing. Barbecuing has its diverse styles and methods of cooking, however, each is unique and redefines the art of barbecuing. Order steaks online and try something new in 2024.

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