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6 Guilt-Free Nutrients Found in our Texas Brand Chorizo

Did you know that our authentic Texas brand Chorizo can be implemented into your diet? Rich with carbs, protein, and cholesterol, and made with high-quality ingredients, chorizo is also a staple for some Keto-diet followers. Let’s break down what our Chorizo has and how it can benefit your diet. Buy chorizo online and add it to your next meal.

Amino Acids

Amino acids, also known as the building blocks of protein, are absorbed from the foods you eat. Get your fill of this necessary nutrient in our beef products or a plate of Mexican chorizo and grits


Calories are another way of counting how much energy our body takes in from the food we eat. For example, our pork chorizo provides about 160 calories per serving.


Carbs are one of the macro-nutrients that transform into glucose within the digestive system, later used for energy. You can find simple carbs in fruits and dairy products and complex carbs in whole grains, legumes, and vegetables. These recipes offer a heaping serving of carbohydrates:


Fiber in our Texas Brand Chorizo

Fiber is another macro-nutrient that helps digestion and prevents constipation. Try our Texas brand chorizo with enfrijoladas, which include beans packed with fiber!


Traditional mexican potatoes with Texas brand chorizo on wooden background

Traditional mexican potatoes with Texas brand chorizo on wooden background

Cholesterol and Fats

A healthy amount of cholesterol is essential for your body to create certain hormones, vitamin D, and other substances that help digestion. Fats are also essential as they help to store energy and insulate the body.

There are also different types of fats:

  • Saturated Fat occurs in animal products, cream, butter, cheese, and dairy.
  • Unsaturated Fat originates from plant and fatty fish sources, such as our shrimp and scallops recipes!
  • Trans Fat are found in margarine and fried foods, they should be avoided as much as possible.



A healthy amount of protein is essential for your body’s bones, muscles, and skin. Try a few of our protein-rich recipes:


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