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7 Reasons to Gift Prime Steaks from Chorizo De San Manuel

Add our prime steaks gift boxes if you’re looking for another reason to fire up your grill this holiday season! Gift boxes are a great way to gift for those who enjoy grilling and barbecuing as much as they like! We offer your favorite meats in one package with various packages and items! It can also be:

  • Easy 
  • Fast 
  • Convenient
  • Wide variety 
  • Customizable 
  • Precise 
  • Universal 


El Rey Steak Box

The El Rey Steak Box is the epitome of steak indulgence. Elevate your dining experience this holiday season with:

  • Two 48-ounce Tomahawk Steaks
  • 24-ounce Cowboy Steak
  • Two 24-ounce T-Bone Steaks
  • Two 16-ounce Ribeye Steaks
  • Two 16-ounce KC Strip Steaks
  • Two 8-ounce Center Cut Filets


Complementing this royal feast are Jalapeño and Cheese Sausage packages, Cilantro Sausage, and 12 ounces of the exquisite Chorizo de San Manuel. Enjoy the flavors of Chorizo De San Manuel all season long with our Steak Seasoning and All-Purpose Seasoning.

Caveman Box

Unleash your primal instincts with this extraordinary Caveman Box that redefines indulgence:

  • Savor a 44-ounce Tomahawk Steak
  • Enjoy a succulent 25-ounce Ribeye 
  • Serve a tender 12-ounce Tenderloin Steak
  • Taste the texture of 32-ounce KC Strip Steak
  • Sink your teeth into a 36-ounce Cowboy Steak
  • Feast on the colossal 54-ounce Porterhouse Steak


To add a touch of variety, we’ve included the bold and flavorful Guerra’s Brand Chorizo, the aromatic Cilantro Sausage, and the spicy Jalapeño and Cheese Sausage. Enhance the experience with our exclusive Steak Seasoning and All-Purpose Seasoning; both included to elevate your grilling adventure. 

El Presidente

The El Presidente box is tailored for those who demand nothing short of extraordinary, offering an unparalleled feast fit for royalty. Indulge in:

  • Two colossal 24-ounce Cowboy Steaks
  • Two gigantic 24-ounce T-Bone Steaks
  • Two mouthwatering 16-ounce Ribeye steaks
  • Two southern 16-ounce KC Strip Steaks
  • Two tender 8-ounce enter-cut filets


Complementing this royal selection are Jalapeño and Cheese Sausage packages, Cilantro Sausage, and 12 ounces of the delectable Chorizo de San Manuel. Elevate each bite with the exclusive Chorizo de San Manuel Steak Seasoning and All Purpose Seasoning included in this superb package. 

El Patron

The El Patron box is crafted for the true connoisseur; this exquisite collection features a selection of Prime Beef steaks that promise an unparalleled dining experience. Included is:

  • Four generous 16-ounce Ribeye steaks
  • Two succulent 8-ounce Center Cut Filets
  • Packages of Jalapeño and Cheese Sausage and Cilantro Sausage
  • 12-ounce of the flavorful Chorizo de San Manuel


Elevate your culinary creations with the exquisite taste of our exclusive Chorizo de San Manuel Steak Seasoning and All Purpose Seasoning; both included in this premium ensemble.

The Hunter’s Box

This box is a carnivore’s delight! This meticulously curated selection includes:

  • 4 lbs. of succulent Marinated Chicken Fajitas
  • A rack of perfectly Seasoned Baby Back Ribs
  • Four mouthwatering 12-ounce Pork Chops
  • A package of Jalapeño, Cheese, or Cilantro Sausage for an extra kick. 


To elevate your grilling experience, we’ve also included a bottle of Chorizo de San Manuel Steak Seasoning and another of Chorizo de San Manuel All Purpose Seasoning. The Hunter’s Box is a premium assortment designed for those who appreciate the art of barbecue, ensuring a flavorful and satisfying feast for any gathering or occasion.

Try Better Cuts of Meat

Find more for your buck; consider ordering our delectable meat boxes packed with great deals and extraordinary selections delivered directly to your doorstep! 


Order Steak Online

It’s easier to imagine a great holiday feast with our prime steaks as the main course. Find your favorites at great prices and see why these meats would make an excellent gift for your friends and family! 

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