Cook the Best Burger Patties

7 Steps to Cook the Best Burger Patties!

To create the ideal burger at home for you and your family, you must understand what makes a good burger. Learn how below on how to cook the best burger patties! While the ingredients are simple, nothing makes the perfect burger like the classic ingredients: bun, patty, cheese, and condiments! We want to share some tips for making the perfect home burger.

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Salt at the End

Adding salt before forming the patties is something anyone would do, but it’s not recommended. The reason is that the salt does not draw out the moisture in the meat as in other prime beef products. Believe it or not, adding salt to your patties before cooking them will create a seasoned flavor, giving the patty a delicious salty crust.

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Perfectly Shaped Patties

How do you create the perfect patty? A few ways to form your patty shapes are by using the following:

● Lids (from yogurt, sour cream, or other containers).

● Mason Jars (use the open end of the lidless jars).

● Create a donut hole or poke a dimple in the center of a patty.

Use Indirect Heat

Make sure that your patties are 1 inch thick before cooking. The thicker the patty, the longer it takes to cook. Searing all sides of the patty will create a nice crusty exterior and gives the burger time to cook through the inside.

Pick a Melty Cheese

The best part of assembling your burger is adding the cheese! You can add classic American cheese or something that’s gooey and compliments the meat well.

It’s All About the Bun

Of course, a burger is nothing without those soft, pillowy, squishy buns! Some burger buns to consider when creating your ideal burger are:

● Brioche bun

● Pretzel bun

● The potato bun

Carefully Consider Your Toppings

Your burger is only complete with your toppings! However, piling up too many toppings can overwhelm the meat flavors. Create the perfect burger without overpowering the flavor by following these categories:

● Savory, rich with a fried egg, bacon, and cheese.

● Creamy and cool, use avocado, mayo, or aioli.

● Crispy and fresh, add lettuce, tomato, and thinly sliced onion.

● Sharp combination top with dill pickle and pickles onions.

Burger Temperatures

Check your burger for doneness using a thermometer and check within the thickest part of the burger. If your burgers are thin, insert the thermometer on the side of the patty horizontally to cook the best burger patties.

The safe temperatures to go by when cooking your burger to the desired doneness are:

● Rare 120 to 125 Fahrenheit

● Medium Rare 130 to 135 Fahrenheit

● Medium Well 150 to 155 Fahrenheit

● Well Done, 160 to 165 Fahrenheit

Ready to Cook the Best Burger Patties?

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