Choice or Prime Steak

How Do You Prefer Your Choice or Prime Steak?

Eating your steak cooked to perfection is satisfying, but cooking them yourself can also be just as great. Once you’ve purchased the best choice or prime steak from Chorizo De San Manuel, it’s time to get cooking, but how do you choose to serve delicacy at home? It’s all in your cooking preference! Read how, below.

Your Choice or Prime Steak Preferences 

There are a variety of ways and opinions on how you can cook your steak. The main ways to cook your steak include: 


  • This cooking method is not recommended for bone-in cuts.
  • Cast Iron skillets are the classic and best option for cooking steaks.
  • Seasoning your steak can affect the steak’s flavor and brush your skillet with oil.
  • Preheat your skillet and cook for three to five minutes until they develop a char.
  • Flip your steak accordingly and check for your desired doneness using a thermometer.



  • Season your steak accordingly and brush the steak lightly with some oil. 
  • Preheat your grill and place it in for three to six minutes until they develop a char.
  • Flip the other side accordingly and check for your desired doneness using a thermometer. 


Oven (Broiling)

  • Most ovens have a second level of racks that can be used to cook your steaks and create a broil method. 
  • Season your steaks to your liking and brush them lightly with oil.
  • Preheat your oven and place your steak on a broiling pan to cook for four to five minutes until it changes in color.
  • Flip the steak and cook for another three to six minutes, check for doneness using a thermometer.


Steak Temperatures

A choice or prime steak or any type of meat dish requires lots of attention in order to receive the best taste and presentation. Certain doneness can affect the steak’s flavor, texture, and juiciness depending on how long you cook it. Although some people prefer different types of doneness, you don’t want to serve everyone the same kind of steak. Soon enough you’ll be able to cook your steaks like a pro by using these temperatures: 

  • Rare steaks from 120 – 129 F have a cool-to-warm red center, with a soft and tender texture. This steak should be soft to the touch.
  • Medium rare steaks from 130 – 145F have a warm red center, making it a most popular level of doneness. This steak should be slightly firm to the touch and have juices showing.
  • Medium steaks from 135 – 144F is also another very popular option. This steak doneness generally has a pink center with some brown meat surrounding it. This type of steak is firm to the touch with red juices. 
  • Medium well steaks from 145 – 154F will mostly have a brown center and a faint pink color in the center. The meat is much drier and chewier due to the juices inside of the steak being evaporated during the cooking process. This steak should be completely firm to the touch with brown juices.
  • Well done steak from 155 – 164F. This level loses most if not all the steak’s natural juices and causes the steak to shrink. The steak will have no pink color in the center which results in its dry outcome. This steak should be hard and firm to the touch with no juices flowing from it. 


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