Choice and Prime Steaks

Do You Know the Difference in Choice and Prime Steaks?

Need the perfect choice and prime steaks for your cookout, dinner, or barbecue? Chorizo De San Manuel has you covered with our specialty meat boxes! Check out our products and see what makes Chorizo De San Manuel the best for our beef meat cuts! It’s our mission to provide our customers with the best quality meat cuts and seasonings that best fit your cooking needs.

Know the Different Cuts of Beef

Knowing the difference between your beef cuts can ensure you buy the right kind and keep you informed when creating meals from scratch. The best types of beef cuts include:

● The Flank

● The Brisket

● The Tri-Tip

● The Ribeye

● The T-Bone

● The Strip Loin

● The Back Ribs

● The Chuck Roast

Different Cuts of Beef

Although these types of cuts are considered the most valuable cuts, there are specific cuts that give the best in flavors and high quality. Several cuts give off a particular texture and taste depending on how you prepare them: 

  • Loin has the a highly tender texture and is cut from the end of the tenderloin.
  • Filet mignon is cut from the center of the beef tenderloin and gives a buttery succulence texture.
  • Chuck steaks are a larger cut in comparison, packed with protein, collagen, that support tender chunks.
  • The rib comes from the rib section at the beginning of the chuck section. The cut itself is less hardworking but still flavorful and chewy.
  • Sirloin is cut from the lower back of the beef. It’s less tender than the loin but has a higher fat content in comparison.
  • The flank is cut from under the loin and corresponds to the abdominal muscles; the flank cuts tend to be lean and tough but very flavorful when appropriately cooked, giving a coarse texture for marinading.
  • Brisket is cut below the chuck and next to the short plate, corresponding to the cow’s chest. It’s full of tough and connective tissue and fat and requires a prolonged cooking time to become tender.


steak boxes

Choice and Prime Steak We Sell

Chorizo De San Manuel has been creating the best meat-quality products for over 48 years. Our customers can be assured that our choice of prime steaks, marinated fajitas, and prime beef products is always created with 100% natural meat. Our signature steaks include:

● Ribeye

● NY Strip

● Tomahawk

● Porterhouse

● Short Beef Ribs

● Prime Ribeye steak

● Center Cut Tenderloin

● Cowboy Bone-In Ribeye

Order choice and prime steaks online individually or choose a gift box with a variety. Our top selections include:

●     The Steak Box #8

●     The Steak Box #7

●     The Steak Box #4

Check out their meat gift boxes here!

Shipping Nationwide

Chorizo De San Manuel is a growing family-owned company dedicated to bringing our customers the best in quality and quantity. Customer satisfaction is our main focus, which is why shipping is available on all our products. We ship anywhere and everywhere, with fast and easy shipping on all our available products online. 

Check Out Choice and Prime Steaks on Our Website!

Our products are created with the best ingredients and handled with care so that our customers can guarantee satisfaction with every one of our products. Our prime steaks are available online. Order your favorite cuts and try a new recipe!

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