Aging Prime Steak

The Art of Aging Prime Steak at Home

Flavor is the cornerstone of exceptional cooking. That’s why we’re excited to share the art and science behind dry aging prime steak, a process that elevates the taste and tenderness of our meat to unparalleled levels. Dry aging is a centuries-old practice that carefully controls beef cuts’ aging environment. The result? A fusion of flavors, textures, and richness intensifies the beef’s inherent qualities.

Read a few tips on achieving this method at home and get started on dry aging!

What is Dry Aging Prime Steak?

This process is a slow process that takes time but is so worth it.

  • As the beef ages, moisture evaporates, concentrating its flavor while tenderizing it.
  • Dry aging is possible by exposing your beef cut to colder air temperatures and circulating air, dehydrating the meat.
  • This intricate process enhances the depth of taste, resulting in succulent, mouthwatering cuts embodying perfection’s essence.


Why Dry Age Meats?

It is the art of placing your meats into a controlled open-air environment for them to transform flavor over time. Dry aging can improve the taste and texture of your steaks, making them simpler to cook. The process causes the natural enzymes to break down, which makes the beef even more tender.

Tools You’ll Need

You don’t need a fancy dry-aging box or turn your garage into a meat locker. With a bit of patience, you can get similar results while using:

  • Salt
  • Wire rack
  • Sheet pan
  • Your refrigerator


Why Use Salt to Dry Age?

Salt is, as you know, a seasoning spice that can be used as a tenderizer depending on how much or when it’s used. It is the only spice that can consistently and effectively:

● Add flavor

● Tenderize

● Draw out excessive moisture

Using salt over your meats before dry aging them can create a savory, more delectable, dry consistency as jerky.

Different Cuts Used for Dry Aging

Every steak has different amounts of fat, but rest assured it won’t affect the amount of time needed in the dry aging process. Although each steak has a fat vs. meat ratio difference, dry aging will work on many cuts. You can dry age:

● Porterhouse

● New York Strip

● Boneless Ribeye

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