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Chorizo de San Manuel Chicken Chorizo

When you think of chorizo, chicken might be an ingredient you wouldn’t expect. After all, there’s only one type of chorizo and it’s pork, right?


Chorizo de San Manuel is proud to offer chicken chorizo, a delicious option that we’re positive will make any dish you use it in even better than before! Like our pork option, chicken chorizo encompasses the perfect amount and blend of ingredients and spices for an undeniably savory Latin treat!

We Know You’ll Love It

If you’ve never tried chicken chorizo before, don’t be cautious about whether liking it or not. Ours is a hot seller that customers keep coming back for! If you aren’t sure about it, then just try it! What have you got to lose? We have several recipes that feature our amazing chicken chorizo, so take note of them, buy chorizo online or in-person at the many locations where ours is offered, and decide for yourself!

Buy Chorizo Online Today!

If you can’t find our chicken chorizo in person, then feel free to order it online. We make sure that each pack arrives safely and timely. All you need do is place your order online and we’ll do the rest! Contact us today to learn more!

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Check Out Our Chicken Chorizo Chili Recipe or Buy Our Chicken Chorizo Now

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