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Chorizo de San Manuel Pork Chorizo

Pork chorizo is arguably the most popular variety of a very popular Latin delicacy. At Chorizo de San Manuel, our Guerra’s Brand pork chorizo is a huge seller – for good reason! We ensure that each pack is filled with the finest ingredients for the savoriest flavors. It’s a method we’ve perfected over many years, and it’s proven to have worked since our loyal customer base grows significantly each year.

What makes pork chorizo so great is that it perfectly complements many dishes, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can even use it for a snack or appetizer, such as choriqueso. No matter which meal you’re sitting down for, or which occasion you’ll be celebrating with friends and family, our pork chorizo is a must-have to feast on!

Buy Chorizo Online

Chorizo de San Manuel specializes in different types of chorizos, but if pork is your go-to option and you reside somewhere where finding it in person is impossible, then buy chorizo online! It’s easy and convenient, and you can always rest assured knowing that it’ll be fresh and worth the wait! Contact us online today to learn more about our products or for help in placing an order.

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Check Out Our Chorizoqueso Recipe or Buy Our Pork Chorizo Now

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