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Buy Chorizo Online and Experience the Authentic Flavor 

At Chorizo De San Manuel, we bring you the true taste of Mexico, crafted with passion and tradition. 

Your ultimate destination for authentic Mexican chorizo. Each bite of our chorizo transports you to the vibrant streets of Mexico, filled with the rich aromas and flavors of authentic cuisine. Taste the tradition and quality in every bite and discover why our chorizo is the best-selling in the market.


Why Buy Chorizo Online from Us?

  • Quality You Can Trust: Our chorizo is made from the freshest ingredients, ensuring rich flavors and superior taste.
  • Variety: Choose from our wide range of chorizo types – pork, chicken, beef, and San Luis.
  • Convenience: Buying chorizo online has never been easier. Simply browse our selection, place your order, and enjoy quick delivery to your doorstep.


Our Chorizo Varieties

pork chorizo

Pork Chorizo

Our pork chorizo is a classic favorite, known for its rich, spicy flavor. Perfect for adding a kick to your meals, it’s a must-have for any chorizo lover.

chicken chorizo

Chicken Chorizo

For those looking for a leaner option, our chicken chorizo offers the same delicious taste with less fat. It’s ideal for health-conscious customers who don’t want to compromise on flavor.

beef chorizo

Beef Chorizo

Our beef chorizo boasts a robust and hearty taste, perfect for hearty dishes and those who prefer red meat.

chorizo san luis

San Luis Chorizo

Experience the unique and exquisite flavor of San Luis chorizo, a specialty variety that sets us apart. It’s a must-try for anyone looking to explore different types of Mexican chorizo.


How to Buy Chorizo Online


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the chorizo packaged for shipping? A: We use vacuum-sealed packaging to ensure freshness and quality during transit.

Q: Does chorizo have to be cooked? Yes! Unlike Spanish chorizo, fresh chorizo must be cooked for the best flavor combinations!

Q: How long does Mexican chorizo last in the fridge? Depending on the when it is opened , our fresh chorizo can last a few days. We recommend following the ‘best used by’ date. 


Buy Chorizo Online

Ready to taste the best-selling Mexican chorizo? Buy chorizo online from Chorizo De San Manuel today and savor the authentic flavors of our premium products.



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