Make Your Next Tailgate Party a Savory One with These Foods from Chorizo de San Manuel!

Make Your Next Tailgate Party a Savory One with These Foods from Chorizo de San Manuel!

Tailgating season is here and, while a majority of fans are missing from the stands, you can still enjoy your favorite bites wherever you are. We have to stress, though, please practice safe distancing and wear your masks to keep yourself and those around you safe. Here are some delicious foods from Chorizo de San Manuel that are perfect for tailgating at home.

Cilantro and Jalapeño and Cheese Sausages

It’s no coincidence that National Sausage Month is celebrated in October during tailgate season. Whether you like the spiciness of our jalapeño and cheese sausages or the bold flavor of our cilantro sausage, both are excellent for the grill!

 Guerra’s brand pork chorizo

Pork Chorizo

The Guerra’s brand pork chorizo is our most popular product for good reason! It’s made with all-natural ingredients and will make any dish you add it to twice as delicious! Take your dip to the next level and turn it into Choriqueso

marinated beef fajitas


Get your gameday tacos on with our marinated beef fajitas. Extremely tender and seasoned just right, these fajitas will leave you wanting more! Plus, if you’d rather have a lighter option, we also carry marinated chicken fajitas as well!



A tailgate party is no party at all without hamburgers, and we have the patties for you! Our hamburgers are made up of 100% beef and come in quarter-pound, third-pound, and half-pound sizes. Your hunger will disappear in no time if you throw a few of these on the grill before the game!

Creekstone prime brisket


Planning on having a big tailgate party? Then go with a brisket! We only offer Creekstone prime brisket that ranges between 14-pound to 20-pound options.

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At Chorizo de San Manuel, we always make sure to give our customers the best by using only top-quality cuts and ingredients, and all of our products have the flavors to prove it! Contact us today to learn more about our products or place an order online!

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